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Argentina 2011

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I ❤️ Argentina 🇦🇷

I have always had a thing for Argentina.

Whether it's having listened to tangos from the time I was a little girl in Kansas City, or to tasting Argentine asado, or listening with rapturous intent to an incredibly beautiful Argentine man speaking to me in their rioplatense "Melt Your Underwear" Spanish...mmmm.

Argentina is THE place to go. The people are so friendly. The sites are so lovely. The food is great.

I first went in 2011 and between 2011-2015, I would visit almost yearly.

"Cuando venís a la Argentina? Te extrañamos, Che!"

I've been six times. The most recent being in 2015. I realize a lot of things can happen and change between then and now, so hopefully it hasn't changed too much. I would be incredibly sad to see the country's demise. I spent a good three months in Argentina the last time I went. I honestly didn't want to come home, but my husband who was then my boyfriend wanted me to come back to Jacksonville.

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