• Renata Vallazza

Iron Goat from Maple Street Biscuit Company

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Buttery, Melt in your mouth biscuits

As you walk through the doors of Jacksonville hometown favorite, Maple Street Biscuit Company, you are greeted with a chorus of welcoming "Hello's".

"What would you like to have?" asks the cashier.

Scanning the menu, I pause on an item that says, "Squawking Goat", which is essentially two halves of a buttery biscuit enveloping a delectable lightly breaded and seasoned fried chicken breast fillet with a fried goat cheese medallion, drenched in jalapeño jelly.

Because I am weird, I enjoy this sandwich with steamed spinach slapped on top of the chicken and underneath that amazing goat cheese medallion.

I often have to use a fork and knife when eating this amazing creation as my hands and mouth have gotten sticky from the jelly.

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